Total Crash'n'Hang

  • seriously?
    Bitrad-Qt v1.0.0.0-61402 for OS X wallet just crashed and hanged randomly
    restart an app just reset my weight - no sense to running up this crap continuously
    this must be fixed asap
    crash logs (if you care):
    hackintosh ; mini2,1

  • Darksend balance disappeared.
    Afrer another crash my darksend ballance become 0.0 instead of 1.7 before. Wallet for OS X completely unusable for now, It just crashes continuously and losing coins and weight. Website works whenever it wants. Transactions hangs for hours whitout confirmation. For now it's not looks like rock solid currency platform but like time wasting semi working bullshit, sorry. Probably someone too hurried up with release.

  • @R3TR0

    Have you ever realised that we are offically still in beta!?
    Other PoS-Coins run better on your hackintosh/mini?

    Would like to see your Log's but I'd not install any other Browser for that! Please upload in here!

    Admin as well as one of my direct Ref's got both real Mac's and are very Happy!

    I guess admin would have informed the Dev's if he had hat kind of Probs with the Wallet!

    cheers Azu!

  • @azu More and more cry babies everyday!...:baby:

  • @jang I don't call anyone a cry-baby.

    Seems that our Project doesn't meet his expectations...

    I try to help each and every User as you might have noticed.
    But the informatons R3TR0 gave are very rare!

    Furthermore I won't install 3rd Party Browsers just to view the logs!


  • @azu Seems like some people have no patience ... They want everything NOW!!!... :tired_face:

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