Some stations have stopped paying...

  • Like the title says, i have confirmed why i havent got a payment all day yesterday and
    Due to a couple of stations not paying.
    I did change stations to check it out, and the meter started running again.
    Went back to the ones i used to listen and it stopped once more.

    Here are the two i have confirmed, that the dont pay any more :'s/

    This is getting very frustrating, really.
    21 days ago, i took the time to go through some lists and reported all stations that didnt work.
    I saw nothing happened and i didnt check form more since what i did was a waste of time obviously.
    21 days have passed and all the stations that do not play are up.

    Now besides that problem, from the stations that do not play, we have the addition
    of the stations that do play but do not pay at all..
    You need to step up on it at some point. Soon very soon.

    It is not easy at all, finding a station that you like to hear and also paying.
    We are talking about inconvenience.

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