needs much more working on it

  • site is forgot my credentials completely, but we have annoing blazingfast every 5 sec. Hello! we have dev here already?

    sorry, my fault (almost), i forgot that site accept only username as login, not email or user id, but we can't see the username on the profile page because column "user name" is simply absent and is not an eyesore, and it after some time one gets the impression that the user name is not necessary, but just remember your e-mail address. we need a little more logic in the interface, it would also be nice to have the option of email as a login and pass protection through the e-mail message in case of password change.

    and yes, "forgot pass" routine just unavailable for now as button "send" not working

    and of course "listening" counting still resets randomly as a result, some of us have manually pos-mining literally

    and also no payment for 14 hours again

    also radio applet does not work at all on Safari 9.1.3, but works very well on 6.1.6

  • Bitrad is a confirmed scam. Dev ran off with ICO proceeds.

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