What's the point of listening to the radio ?

  • Hi !

    For listening to the radio impossible to earn coin for POS mining. What's the point then ? All used to purchase coins in the ICO ? The meaning of the radio is lost ...
    I Have these results now: 14,775 MINUTES (10 days of continuous listening) and 8.87603930 BRO. My weight in the network 8 with a total weight of the network for about 200k. My POS will not ever begin. Though I honestly listen to the radio with one account on one computer.
    And those who bought coins in the ICO not listening to the radio constantly get coins ... So the essence of your project is the sale BRO to ICO and not getting coins for listening to the radio ...

    Good Luck !

  • @sashastranger i think its prety easy and decent. i listen to this radio when doing other crypto stuff anyway and i got 0.09 bro for roughly 2 hrs. good.

  • опять не переводится на кошелек.

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