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  • am really loving bitradio and i see a brighter future for the crypto currency i have a windows wallet and its working fine. a good job from the team, but if i may i think you guys should at least work on how to secure the site, its http now but it would be better if we see it on https. and again i think we should be having an android or ios wallet on our phone that would help make the crypto go versatile. as for the site i think its 99% okay, but some radio stations arent streaming like 100 of them tested it out. to contact me johnsondaniel325@gmail.com. good job @administrators

  • Hey man you have a great idea but if you read the author posts you will know that we are trying to add the coin on poswallet after we start receiving the votes we could add it. After adding it you will have a wallet and and exchange on your phone and it is always staking so check poswallet.
    And if you don't want to use my referral but plz use it
    And when I talked to the admin he said he is going to creat an app for phones but it need some time becouse the site is not complete yet

  • @Adhamkalou okay thats good to hear, how do i find the coin on poswallet so that i can vote for it? post the direct link to the coin hee. so that i can vote for it

  • First you need to creat an account and then sign in
    After that on the left scroll down you will find a add coin
    Hit it the scroll down until you find the coin it is and it is the 39 rank check that the name is BRO and beside it bitrad .io

  • if you need I can send you some picture to make it easier

  • @Adhamkalou am registered member for some time now, okay let me go vote on it. thanks.

  • administrators



    we will have a https encryption. This is not a problem. We focus on other things at the moment. In late April we will have https.

    We also will develop a ios and andoriod app for bitradio. (not a Wallet) For streaming. There are some great wallets out. POSWallet is a project i love a lot... but we also need our own wallet...

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. This is only the beginning of BRO...
    Would be great if you vote evry day for BRO on poswallet.

  • good to hear thanks. and i will vote always for bro on poswallet, i will even invite my friends to as well. but if i may ask how does one stake? help me out with full details please.. thank you.

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