BitRadio - Wallet Software Problem!

  • Hello Fellas , i have problems with the software look alt text

  • Your wallet is being synchronized with the system.
    Keep it opened until the green bar down that stay's on 10Weeks update's.
    This does not mean that it will update for the next 10 weeks it will take up to 1-2 hour's it depends on your internet connections.

  • @r3sp3c7 Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺

  • Hi there,

    problem should be solved by it self if you left your Wallet open.

    Please keep in mind to copy your BRO Address to your Profile!


  • @r3sp3c7 Hi guys, i am a newcomer on Bitradio. I'm experiencing the same thing as showed on the picture above. I mean the network updating of Bitradio wallet
    I have a question: is the payment made automatically to my Bitradio address? or is there a tab or something that i should click to request payment?


  • Am also having the same problem about 10week uptill now response

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