• Hello Fellas It's again me!

    I was thinking how to payout this BRO in my BitRadio - Wallet? alt text

    i wanna transfer 1.47813590 Bro in my BitRadio - Wallet!
    alt text

    = Thanks ! =

  • I think there is an issue actually.
    I didn't have payout since the 30th of June. But the amount left my "Balance" to go to my "All time earned".

    Adress: BWGEPYtnA6brNaRP182SCbBRr7oHrP6ftQ
    1.5962714 BRO instead of 3.37645390 BRO~

  • Hey @admin can you tell us what's worng with the Payout?

  • It is not only about Payouts.... I haven't received payouts from 30th as whell, and now I a have send some Bro's to DaoCrypto and does not have any confirmations I think their blockchain is down for this coin. -.-

    Edit: I was able to send the coins to CryptoDao :dancer: still n payouts tho...

  • Admin please give us feedback! :cry: :pray_tone2: :ok_hand_tone1:

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