No payouts for 2 days

  • The activity points are converted to Balance from time to time, but the balance
    does not get paid. Instead it goes to 0 after some point, and it starts over again.

    Dont you think it is time to answer some questions already here, and provide some support?
    Instead of answering to another forum saying you are busy?

    Is this the end of this site or not......cause the way i see it you are done with it....

  • That it is not clear on the balance on the site more than a purse0_1499069866842_Безымянный1s.jpg

  • It's same for everyone since the last 3 days and the admin does not answer on any of our fucking questions and problems.
    Admin if you want us to keep using your website at least make some kind of a post ... with some little answer...

  • Well, it's clear 99 percent that this scum all started as coins were sold

    Try this paper wallet guys, simple, just generate it, and keep your address wallet and private key safe

  • Problem with the payouts again.
    Im not gaining any activity points today.
    From not at all for hours, to a small percentage of it...
    In about 3 hours, all ive got is 1175 activity points and 0.01 bro !!!

  • same happens to me, it has to be fixed if they want people keep using this

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