BRO in my balance goes out but i didn t recieve anything in my wallet

  • I get 0.77 BRO in my balance but they goes out and i didn t recieve it in my wallet

  • Had the same thing happen. All time earned and what is in my wallet are about .03 different. Payouts are pretty random. But hopefully will get straighten out soon.

  • @xfryse

    Just to be sure: have you put your Wallet Address into your Profile?

    Please check for the Payout Address...

    If not already done please copy it from your Wallet; paste it there and don't forget to save changes...

    Please Post your User-ID (can be found in Ref-Page) and Wallet Address if Issue persists !

    Cheers Azu

  • @HarleyMechanix

    That was an completly other Issue and should be fixed since our Updates on Monday.

    If you still got differences between Amount on Homepage and your Wallet please tell us your User-ID and Wallet Address too!

    cheers Azu!

  • No worries. I know you guys are still ironing things out.
    All time earned 0.84989110 BRO
    Actually in wallet 0.8229223 BRO
    User ID is HarleyMechanix.
    Wallet is BZGwbhKP83C6RBogLWqg4vazYagAFkyvSQ

  • @azu Is it that I lost 100 bro?
    I've never found such a transaction.
    I sent it to the stock exchange from my wallet 0_1499988259649_LXzaJrwg.png

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