Bro disappear after out of BETA, and All time streamed back to 0

  • Hi everyone, since being out of beta, everything in my account was set back to almost zero.
    I was seeing some bug in the all time streaming counting, going to fast, but the BRO earning was really low and had low rate of pay outs.
    I was waiting for the fix reading that you were working on. But now it's out, it's even worst.
    0_1499342915930_Capture d’écran 2017-07-06 à 09.32.06.png
    This is my current situation when i go on my profil when before it was like this
    0_1499343025162_Capture du 2017-07-06 09-32-53.png
    I use 2 computer one linux at work that i leave always connected and my mac where stream time to time with wallet open.
    If you have any clue on what happened exactly i would love to know.
    Thank You

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