Payouts have stopped once more

  • Like the title says. 0 activity again... for quite some time now...

  • All good for me tho.

  • @Bitiofor Refresh the webpage with radiostation.......
    I'm getting payed every hour now!...:warning:

  • I did refresh the page quite a few times. That wasn't the issue though.
    It lasted a couple of hours, and since then I am receiving the points normally.

  • Just install chrome browser in your smart phone, and this,
    Try this paper wallet guys, simple, just generate it, and keep your address wallet and private key safe

  • So the payments are hourly.
    Had more than 2200 Activity points, few minutes ago when the last payment occurred, and yet the Balance stayed 0... after the hourly reset on activity points.
    And of course it is not appearing on Payouts.
    So what happened to the payment?

    Same thing yesterday also.
    Almost three hours with the radio running and i got paid almost nothing.

    Can you please check it out?

    Thank you.

    A bit of an edit and info here.
    Logged today about 90 minutes, before the last Payment-Activity points reset,
    that happened about 20 minutes ago, and i got 0.
    So what has happened? Why no points?

    Another edit.
    I am getting really annoyed and angry with the situation lately about payments.
    For a whole hour i got about 1300 activity points, cause the freaking recaptcha appeared, didnt click fast enough and lost the points.

    Do you know that if the effin recapthca appears, like a minute before the hourly payment and reset and i dont click it right the second it appears, i lose the payment for the whole hour?
    This is silly...

    And about the freaking recaptcha.
    Clicking 7 images in a row? 7? wth And not that i did a single mistake in any of them. 7 images, like i dont have anything better to do than doing recaptcha all day.
    And i know you cant set it up differently, cause it is not up to you,
    but it is extremely annoying the very least.

  • The payments from last night i was talking about, appeared later on,
    in payouts.

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