How many connections....?

  • I get the following messages:


    In the last messages from the administration they say 5 accounts are allowed.

    What is it 1 account or 5?

    Is it 5 different wallets or 5 connections on 5 computers with the same wallet?

    A maximum of 5 User Accounts per IP is legit.
    If more Accounts are detected all Payments are stopped immediately and a staff is needed to unlock.
    We reserve the right to permanently ban user accounts and their Ref's if needed.
    AGAIN: We want to protect users which are using our service and do not fake. These users will earn more at the end of the day. This is why we do this.

  • @ADMIN Can you give a answer please.

  • Any answer ?

  • Hi, I have the same messages. I listen the radio during my worktime, and my coworkers do the same (we are all on the same internet line). I i have afiliated one more today (the 5th) and now, we see this error message.

    What is the solition for reactivat the reward ?

  • I have the same problem..

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