Same payout on two accounts

  • Hi,

    Can i use two accounts with the same payout address?
    WIth my wife we would like to use the same wallet .


  • administrators

    Why you just dont make ALT adress in your wallet ?

  • Ok,

    In my wallet their is a "receive" tab where i can add a new address. Yet i don't understand how i can get a new one :(

    By the way i suppose that the address i say in the receive tab is my personal address, yet their is no "secret... to unlock it".

    Am i missing something? (i'm quite new to this).

  • administrators

    Go to your wallet > Receive and look at the bottom of the wallet. There you have New adress, Copy Adress, Sign Message, Verify Message.
    Click on the New adress, make your settings and you are done.

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