Launch of Bit Radio

  • When will going to be launch,
    Can someone direct me to where I can find the launch date and how I can earn BroCoins .
    Also do you or will you have an Android and IOS Wallet .

  • no there is no android or ios wallet but the admin is going to create an app to listen from your phone and you can earn by listening to radio choose a radio and you can earn bro coin but what we are trying to do is to add bro coin to poswallet this way we cant exchange or even stake and use it as a wallet so if you would help as to vote for the coin this will be great
    first you sign up then you need to go to add a coin then scroll a little bit and you can find BRO and beside it vote for it every day

  • and I'm sure if the website start improving this fast after a month or less the website will go out of beta and will be live if you need any help explaining this site I could help you just ask even if you need help with the wallet just ask

  • and if you want to invest in bro and buy some go to crowd sale and just send bitcoin to the address and wait until it get confirmed then after the crowd sale is done you will receive the bro coin

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