Refer Friend

  • I don't understand how it works.
    There are 2 possible links and many banners. We get more activity points if I take the second links and the biggest banner ?
    Thx to reply, bye.

  • 1.If someone register true your Refferal Link you will get 5% of his points.
    Let's count, if your friend that is registered true your link make 3,000 points per hour
    this means that you will earn 150 points from him because he is your refferal.

    1. It doesn't matter wich banner or link you will use, this with the banners is just if you want to put bigger banner in your website so you can get better attention from your visitors and to have bigger chance for click on it and become your reffs.

  • @r3sp3c7 Awesome, thanks for all my friend :)

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