Last day of our Crowdsale - New Feature - Higher Payouts

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    Hello BROs,

    today I want to update you about a new feature and some improvements we made.

    1. New feature - hosted Masternodes
      From today you can buy a share of a BRO Masternode hosted from us.

    How does it work? In our menu, you find a new topic. It's called Masternode.
    You can make a BRO deposit to your Masternode account and buy a share of a Masternode.
    One share will cost 2,5 BRO. You own a share of the total if 2.500 BRO. Per Masternode we have 1000 shares.
    There are no fees when you buy a share. You can also sell a share. Anytime. You will get 2,5 BRO - a fee of 0,5%. If you sell it before the payout on the end of the month, the user which buys it will get all earnings for this month. We will host the node on a VPS. We rent a VPS and run the Masternode.

    Main points:

    • no fee if you buy a share of a Masternode
    • 0,5% if you sell the share/shares of the Masternode
    • 6 USD hosting fee per month (the 6 USD will be paid in BRO)
      -- example: Node earns 300 BRO. Price is 0,2 USD per BRO (30 BRO fee & 270 BRO to shareholders)
    • Payouts will be done once a month.
    • No fee for hosting in August

    At the moment we have only one Masternode. More will be available very soon. Test it and give us feedback.

    1. New Fake protection
      From today every user has to confirm a small Recaptcha every 2-6 hours. You have 10 Minutes to confirm the Recaptch. If you don't confirm it payouts stop. If you do it later than 10 minutes, you will get paid again when you confirm the payouts. There is no delay in this confirmation. We do this to protect "normal" user who listens to the radio on our website.

    I want to show you a shot example.

    Bild Text

    First is payout round (every hour 431 - 447) New Feature Live from Payout round 442.
    Next Timestamp of the payout (UNIX Timestamp)
    Then you see what was paid per 1.000 APS (seconds)

    You see with this feature it is possible to get 10x earnings for "normal" users streaming music.
    I know that some of you have a PI or a windows Server and start Bitradio and stream 24 hours. But this is not the idea behind I hope the community likes it.

    Let's test it and we will see how it works.

    1. Only 22 hours left in our Crowdsale. If you have not invested yet, do it to buy some Masternode Shares.

    2. Exchanges
      We are in Talks with exchanges but we can't say which exchanges. Let's see. Our main priority is new features and fixing bugs. Exchanges will come. I promise.

    Masternode Video. How to will follow.

    Have a nice day.

    Azu & Uwe

  • Капча здесь это полный бред она не простая а идет по кругу несколько минут .И у вас не добыча идет а распределение по этому проще было держать открытым кошелек и получать бро.

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    what do you mean ?

  • if i have 10000 BRO, Could I buy 4 shares of Masternode?

  • You wrote "One share will cost 2,5 BRO." I think it's wrong .... Isn't it?

  • @yonseiyes 1Masternode = 1000shares?

  • said in Last day of our Crowdsale - New Feature - Higher Payouts:


    Masternode is no function~~~ulr to

  • @admin Не используйте рекапчу лучше цифровую

  • @yonseiyes 4000 shares?

  • @yonseiyes You can have 4 master nodes urself with 10 000 BROs. Why do you need to buy shares? :laughing:

  • @juanmi It's annying thing to run master node by myself.

  • @yonseiyes well, you got a good point there :grin:

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    yes if you have 10.000 Bro you can own 4 masternodes or 4.000 Shares.
    Everything correct...

    Today we will bring only one masternode online.. Just to test the script.
    If everything works we will add more masternodes.


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  • I think it's fantastic strategy for you to host the masternode on a VPS.
    How many master nodes will you plan to run on VPS? about 100 master nodes?

  • administrators

    I don't know... supply will a market for it. We will start with 10 and let's see.
    Hope the community likes this idea also. (like you)

    Have a nice day..

  • Is management of a master-node a way to improve the quality (audibility) of some predefined music streams ?
    And how, if it is or why, if it isn't ?

  • I think that there must be some limitation of shares that one person can buy .

  • how long for Deposit - Simply send BRO to following address buy masternode?
    it's over 30mins, still ...
    狀態: 0/未確定
    日期: 2017/7/25 15:52
    目的: masternode address BXfwyg6y7H74KF5gRRMzLDpCNyo1hq6PFo
    出帳: -5.00 BRO
    交易手續費: -0.002 BRO
    淨額: -5.002 BRO
    交易識別碼: ee0af14eb66aec9194a7711f35ae1ec1077661cb0ab1cb67c4fa5af4568f7e1a-000

  • @daniel Masternode is needed to transfer coins. It 's not related to music streams.

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