Bitrad Wallet and Hard Disk problems.

  • I started today the wallet for update and suddenly the hard disk started
    beeping and scratching like crazy.
    I didnt know what the cause was at first, so i started closing programs.
    The moment i closed the wallet it stopped.
    Closed everything and started the wallet only and then the hard disk started again
    None of this has happened before, with any of the programs im using.

    Is is so intense, the beeping and scratching, that it looks like the hard disk will crash.
    I have started the wallet 4 times so far, and it does it in every single time.
    So i am closing the wallet every time, not letting it finish, with the update.

    And again no other programs in my computer has ever done that so far.
    And it all started today for some reason...
    Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

  • A bit of an update.
    Tried several times yesterday, with the problem happening every time i was opening
    the wallet.
    I was leaving it for a while and then was shutting it down.
    Didnt want the HD to keep doing this.
    So it finally synchronized and i closed it down.
    Started browsing and about half an hour later the hard disk started beeping and scratching in a loop so hard you would thing it was about to explode.
    I used the power button to immediately turned the laptop off.
    Waited a couple of minutes then restarted. Everything was fine after that.

    Today opened the wallet it needed 24 hrs to synch, and now it is stuck on 20 hrs.
    Opening it closing it, then reopening.
    Nothing... its still 20 hrs.

    So definitely it was the wallet causing some trouble to the Hard disk.
    I just hope it wasnt something serious or permanent.

    Now about the synching, what to do?

  • @Bitiofor I didn't have any problems installing and synchronizing the wallet. I have ssd so I don't really know what happened to your hdd, but is there a change that your disk was fragmented too much and just needed to be defragmented? As for the synchronization problem, have you tried to backup your wallet.dat and reinstall the wallet?

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