Missing masternode transactions

  • I've sent some BROs that have not been accredited to my masternode balance, but the transactions have been already confirmed and the don't appear on the masternode transactions page.

    The missing transactions are:

  • @admin I'm also missing BRO transaction at my website masternode transaction address: BhwguSQsNitZdYGWirJt1SBZhCr1cMNs4u if I wish to buy a share I have 0 Balance but I have sent 2501BRO to this address

    If I check in explorer address I can see BRO amount that I sent with 359 confirmations.

    Can you check

    Thank you

  • im in the exact same situation..

    Status: 258 confirmations
    Date: 27-Jul-17 19:57
    To: shares Bb95XbFzQge6GvS5RvDgK4txHYroBDS5Pq
    Debit: -2645.70886215 BRO
    Transaction fee: -0.001 BRO
    Net amount: -2645.70986215 BRO
    Transaction ID: 61a5644fc20a482e679a9df682ca1bd1b9e5b8dc0595723ff03b46f419a1effd-000

    trying to get masternode shares

  • @administrators

    All the transactions in the first post are still missing, and the following are missing, too:

    I'm missing approx: 0.5567743 BRO. What can i do?

  • Pls change your browser , some browser can't supply and show your masternode balance~
    firefox is not work , google chrome is work ~

  • @Caution I'm using chrome already. I don't think it's a browser issue

  • You are all not doing something right!

    If you can find the transaction here they are not missing!

    They just don't show up on the masternode page

  • @serje Yeah i already checked that, they don't show up on the masternode page, but the BRO is missing from the balance, too. I don't really care about the transactions showing up, i care about the masternode balance, and i'm missing BROs, even if the transactions are confirmed and showing up in the blockchain explorer

  • I have tried Chrome and I can see balance at masternode balance, so at my side it was browser issue.
    But funny is also that in firefox I can see two masternodes with shares for sale and at chrome I can't see any but I can see five BRO masternodes running.

    Thx @Caution for idea that worked

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