502 Bad Gateway

  • I'm getting "Bad Gateway" error to often. When I try to login I get this error, but after 3 or 4 page reloads I manage to login. When I click on any option in the menu I also get this error. I have trouble seeing my profile page (it also needs couple of reloads before showing page). Since this morning my statistics (all time streamed, earned BROs, payouts etc.) don't update. I'm using Chrome, but it's the same with Firefox, while I didn't manage to login at all with IE.
    I was seeing this message last few days occasionally, but it wasn't this severe. I'm not sure if I'm earning BROs this way.
    BTW, streaming is working fine.

  • @sarmiroslav same problem here ,click the profile direct link to index page , i thinks something crash

  • @tr-leo I did. This is only way I can access my profile page, but even that doesn't work every time.

  • I have the same problem...

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