What is Minimum Stake Age of BRO?

  • I have a lot of BROs. I waited several hours for staking....but It seems to take a long time...
    What is Minimum Stake Age of this coin?

  • I also want to find this out!

  • Me too! ;) Actually searched for this information!

  • It seems to be inconsistent.
    I just I don't quiet get it yet.

    Sometimes, I get it in an hour or few hours....

  • I have a lot of coins since two days, but staking shows still "Staking your weight is 2". Is this normal?

  • @Cash70 I think that's normal. I have similar experience. If you monitor it, you will see your "Available" balance and "Stake" balance moving up and down. I started seeing "Mined" type payout to my wallet, and I think those are stake payouts. Perhaps, you will see it too soon. One thing I noticed that when I restarted my PC, the wallet is locked, and you have to unlock "Stake".

  • OK, in the github sourcecode I found:

    "Stake Minimum Age: 8 Hours"

    My problem was, that I have spend 2500 BRO to my masternode address. After this, I could not find the remaining coins on my origin address after entering at "bitradio explorer".
    So i have sent this remaining coins to another receiving address in my wallet and now it is staking with the correct weight.
    As I have read it is neccessary, that the received coins are untouched. If I receive 1000 BRO and send 500 BRO to another one, the remaining 500 BRO are not staking.
    You have to send the 500 BRO to another address in you wallet (payment to yoursenf), wait 8h and it should stake.
    Hope the admin will be more active in this forum in the future, this is essential for this project!


  • @Cash70 Let me see if I get this. You had say 3000 in your wallet, but sent 2500 for masternode, and remaining 500 was not giving out staking rewards. And you found out that you had to send that remaining 500 to another receiving address you generated, and it started staking after 8 hours. Is this right? Another question, when you send that 2500 to masternode, it is now receiving masternode rewards ONLY, right? Not both the masternode rewards AND stake rewards.

  • Yes, you are right, that was my experience. On the masternode the 2500BRO are not staking, but every earned BRO is used to stake on the masternode.
    But on my other staking-only wallet I noticed, that after the first reward, the "staking weight" was reset to 1.
    Do I have to wait another 8h before the "staking weight" was set to the correct value, reflecting the number of coins in that wallet?

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