How do I setup a Masternode on a VPS?

  • I tried to follow the example for Dash - but it does not seem to be exactly the same for Bitradio.

    Is anyone able to help?

  • I did a writeup of my setup here, it's quite a long way, good luck!

  • I have put together a WINDOWS Master Node ENGLISH SETUP!!!

    VPS installation recommended.

    I have TWO running! I hope this helps us all go to the moon! Good luck!

  • @kidwok , stop with your spam!

  • @jamilservicos I didn't consider it spam since I thought having MORE Masternodes helps the community! Is spam just defined as "multiple posts"? Because "spam" is a connotation that helpful information repeated is harmful! Is this what you mean by "spam"? The info is harmful? I'm trying to help the community. So, please say something like, "Can you not repeat your posts in all forums? or "we don't want any more Masternodes made by anyone but us" or something other than "STOP with the spam!"

    Do you repeat this phrase to people? "Stop with the spam". Because if you do, then that is what I consider spam. Conversation repeated that adds no intelligent dialogue. YOU ARE SPAMMING "Stop with the spamming". Ironic, huh?

  • @jamilservicos BTW, IF i JUST take out the words "HOME COMPUTER" and replace them with "VPS COMPUTER ONLY" it totally corrects my error.

    You obviously don't know how to HELP people solve problems, you just spew to try to show smart you wanna look!

    BTW, please share how to make money on archives? This is intriguing and you know about it. It's your chance to show you're socially adept while showcasing your smarts for the world on purpose!

    So, please, lemme know how to do that, new friend. Do I simply put my wallet address at the bottom of each post of mine like you are doing? Who is trying to beg now?

  • @kidwok

    You are repeating your external link in various topics, this is spam!
    It's true that masternodes help the network, but do you at least know what one is an masternode?
    Masternodes are nodes where other nodes interconnect, they are network importants nodes.
    That's why there is a 2500BRO fee to start one.
    So imagine a masternode that changes ip or goes offline every 2 hours.
    This does not help the network, but rather hinders, because it causes several connections lost, which will generate prey transactions, conflicts, orphans blocks among other problems.

    So before you go out doing spam, of your download link, first study what you are talking about. To then enter an official forum and trying to influence users in wrong practices, and possibly loss of investment.

    The network infrastructure there is an auto ban protection for invalid nodes.

    Someone who invests 2500BRO for a masternode and stay switching ip constantly will surely have their masternode banned, and their investment lost.

  • @jamilservicos there is no fee to start a is simply a set of coins that your wallet puts on hold and marks as unusable furthermore i don't think you loose your invested coins... worst case your IP could be blocked by the network but your wallet would still contain you coins (unless they through some kind of magic can break through your wallet encryption and transfer your coins to another wallet while banning your IP address at the same time) and i don't think they are in the business of stealing coin from people....sooo i mean not exactly the same as loosing your investment....just saying your coins would still be good from another IP i would think.

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