Cryptodao steals BRO? Or its accounts were hacked?

  • Did someone had a problem with unreceived BRO coins in cryptodao?

    I've sent some BRO coins from my wallet to cryptodao and still do not see them in my cryptodao account.
    BRO blockchain explorer shows that transaction was confirmed and successful:

    The blockchain shows that I've received this amount, but I didn't see the amount in my cryptodao account that day (
    Later on, after about 9 hours from blockchain explorer we can see that this amount was sent to another address with total output of 251 BRO ( ).

    Well, in my case the amount is very small (2.11 BRO), but the matter in not in the amount, the matter is in trust. How can we trust cryptodao much bigger transactions?
    I've already sent them 3 email to the support, but they are silent!

  • Finally I received my BRO coins after 4 days from transfer. I really cannot understand the reason why it took so long to see my coins on cryptodao account, because the transaction was approved immediately as I did instant transfer. So my guess is that cryptodao had some technical problem or it simply did some manipulations with some amount of coins.

  • I think that this situation was happened because of your lack of knowledge about Blockchain.
    and because of taking long time to transfer some coins.

    In my opion, the responsibility for your problem is on the exchange.

  • usualy you send to an exchange address and before they put in on your account goes to main account of the exchange it doesnt stays in that address, when i send some coins and i dont receive them after several confirmation i ask for help on support....on every exchange they reply and they help...yobit takes months to reply so forget to ask help there but had no problems with no other....the best until now to instant help was exmo exchange with live chat... :)

  • My coins also did not come in cryptodao I included their address in my account in bitradio some coins have arrived but most of the payments have never arrived on my account for already 4 days they just disappeared 2.5 BRO just disappeared

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