my last payout didnt arrive my address

  • hi, im using my masternode buy address to payout only making bro to buy more and more share im not even using my own wallet...ive checked my payout of 0.09197020 BRO tx id 646db8f244b47df3ebd8f22bd53ce86297acb48d3df5002f8a12fa8b3e52c790 made at 6am isnt on my masternode buy account....please check not sending any email cause you, support dont reply to ANY....

  • please fix it....

  • I think Uwe is at vacation or something.

    Soulistyce, I looked at this transaction at the blockchain and could also not find a payment of 0.09197020 BRO in this transaction.
    Where did you see this TxID? Is this ID shown near the payment in the web interface /Profile/Payout in your account? If yes, the payment was not included in this transaction and there went something wrong and ony the admin can help you.

    In my honor opinion it is not a really good idea for such a "community driven webradio" project, going away without any notice and prividing no support to that community.

    Uwe, if you read this, I was always a radio enthusiast, and I like this project very much. If there is a lack of "admin" manpower, it would be a honer for me to provide a litte bit support this project/forum as best as I can. Please feel free to contact me, I you are interrested. I am not interrested in any salary or similar.


  • thanks for fixing that payout now theres more missing this tx id 6d3c4a2e7bf8426af40e0e320fbe5658843f1141a0e92125e046d033aaa8b3a2 and this 2d29496fcb85549e09a4e7be89f4081688cf1a7d5a8231dc78c6379ca2f34767... i dont know how this happens i use for payout my masternode deposit address its easy to see whats missing i never sold nothing i just want share...even so theres more 0.20 that ive earn all time thats missing got to check later all the payouts....please fix masternode deposit address its from yours wallet you should have all my earn balance until today

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