They got us

  • Re: CROWDSALE - ICO3 - LIVE Well hate to say it but it looks like we all got scammed....ICO happens......Admin vanishes with our BTC and now without a working way to get rid of coin.

  • Hello Tikiman222,

    do you have a valid Payout-Address at your Profile Tab. I got my BROs after a day of the crowdsale. It's really unfortunate that the admin not active here at the forum, but you can ask him on telegram. He's active on telegram and will hopefully answer all your questions.

  • @nichter No i got my coins.....but several of my friends and associates did not and not one of them has had a response from the admin about the problems they were having you say they ar active on telegram but why are they not active on their own forum? thats where people will go to get problems resolved.

  • @nichter not that it matters that i got my coin the only exchange that has this coin seems to be eating peoples coins

  • Probably this is another scam. Of course I would like to believe but as experience shows 90% of such projects are just scammers. The more the administrator ignores and does not respond to people. And cryptodao just steals money and does not pay and does not show coins. I think it's just scams I do not recommend anyone here to buy anything and spend their money.

  • I still haven't received my coins. Payout address is correct. Do you know what the telegram / slack info is? Not seeing it anywhere.

  • I did recive all ICO coins

  • I have not received ICO3 Bro payment.

  • hey I have not received my Bro neither. I have sent them almost 3 master node amount but I have not got it They do not answer forum messages also. NO thank you note for investor. No forum support, No reply to email , I am about to call the phone number at night time in USA so there is day time in Germany. Is this happening because this project is being handled by young 1979 born one men show? I do not know but I am very concerned. Let me hear from you

  • all is well i jumped to conclusions sorry for this i did receive bro and so did everyone else that i know was waiting for it....I was wrong for speaking poorly of this project before i had all the information...if you still have not gotten bro im sure you will hang in there

  • @Tikiman222
    Kiaora Tikiman.
    Patience is the master word

  • Here is the new WCX exchange, it also distributes free tokens, it can turn out an interesting project ...

  • Just be patient guys, Admins wokrs hard for it

  • They are being delisted from craptopia as well

  • @peppy
    Hello everyone.
    There was a lot of problem with the wallet Bitradio which required the trade stop for 2 days. To this day Cryptodao definitely stops the trade of the BRO because it is too difficult to handle the problems. Cryptopia asks all owners to withdraw them before 24/09/2017. Now we have to find another platform for the trade. Someone has already done a post to introduce the BRO on the platform novaexchange. To do this, you have to go there and vote. We need 250 votes now we are at 140.
    Here's the link:

  • @peppy
    In my last post. I think you have to correct yourself.
    It is a matter of CRYPTOPIA and not crytodao.
    I recall that cryptodao is a scam.

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