CryptoDao - Scam! Do not use Exchanger for trading your BRO'S

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    I guess you guys already know, that CryptoDao got scammed allot of people that's including me as well, because i lost Bro's in there as well. I decited to create this topic and let new and old user's of BitRad know that this Exchanger no longer is processing Withdraws and Deposits. Currently in their website you can see the Withdraw and Deposit buttons on every Crypto that they have, but apperently they are not Confirming any transactions, they just robbing people's money.
    The good think that we can think about is maybe the Administration on CryptoDao is on Summer vacation or something and this could be the reason that this is happening now, but i'm not such an optimistic man. I will keep an eye of CryptoDao and if start's to make Withdraw confirmations i will let you know in this topic.

    Now as you already may know there's only one exchanger that is listing BroCoin but is legit.

    • You can trade/sell or buy BroCoins from CryptoPia
    • You can put a vote up for BroCoin in NovaExchange as well. Once we reach 250 votes BroCoin will be addet there as well.

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