is it okey ?

  • i run the radio stations for 882 Minutes and all time earning is 0.20705840 BRO !!
    is that good or i doing something wrong .

  • administrators

    this is okay. we have a lot user listening at the moment and we payout only 4 bro every hour to somteime 300 users.

    later we will pay 120 BRO per hour. We also do some check at the moment (f.e the fakecheck is not active at the moment)

    later ther will be much higher payouts an some securty features (fakechecks)

    Thanks for posting. btw.

  • When would this coin will up the trading floor?

  • @admin thanks for info :D
    can i ask if my wallet looks okey too !?! 0_1492068282103_asdf.png

    and is it possible to open my wallet on my two pcs ?


  • administrators

    yes this is possible. you have to copy the wallet.dat to both PCs.
    The you have the same wallet on two pcs...

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