HoneyMoney - Captcha Website

  • Folks! I want to entrodouce you this website where you can Resolve Captcha's and get paid 16 satoshi's per Captcha, thats almost 16 satoshi's per second! :D
    You can get some Satoshis while you listening BitRad and buy some BroCoins with the BTC later on tho... :D
    It's simple as sh1t you have to follow the guide in their website and in a day you may get up to 50k Satoshi's. You can buy 10 bro coins with that tho... :D
    Your bitcoins adress have to be linked at FaucetHub tho...
    This is not advertising, i just think that this Website is the most high paying satoshi's at the point so i am sharing it with you. It doesnt have anything involving BitRad!

    Visit this link and make few satoshis.

  • @Hybrith Портить здоровье/зрение за эти сатоши на кранах-это уж слишком :)

  • Looks interesting!

    Do you have this installed on your phone?

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