Wallet client can not send BRO

  • Why can not I send my BRO coin to cryptopia and why always appear in the wallet client balance insufficient. Even though my balance is enough to be able to send

  • Hi. Be sure you have enought balance + fees. By default network fees is 0.00010000 BRO. So, if you want to send 1 BRO you must have 1.00010000 BRO in your wallet.

  • @bertoa
    I already have enough balance in the wallet client but still can not send my BRO. Do I have to set it in the client wallet? But first thank you for the explanation.

  • @setyo3079 try to activate Coin Control feature of the wallet to see the exact balance you have. Settings -> Options -> Display -> Display coin features. Then go to Send and you'll see Coin Control Features, click Inputs button and check the balance. You can also select the addresses you need the coins to be sent from.

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