Buying Masternode Shares

  • Hi guys,

    How can I buy masternode shares? I checked on but it's blank.

    Am I still able to buy masternode shares or are there none available?


  • I have put together a WINDOWS Master Node ENGLISH SETUP!!!

    VPS installation recommended.

    I have TWO running! I hope this helps us all go to the moon! Good luck!

  • @kidwok , Please stop with these wrong directions.
    A VPS is recommended for having static ip and stable connection.
    In case your masternode is banned from the network by ip change or unstable connection, your investment will not be refunded, nor will you gain another masternode to replace the previous one.
    To avoid this, we never recommend Home computer.

    What you want is to earn money from downloads from your archive.

  • @deveerei

    The shares are released periodically, but the creation of new share must be controlled, so as not to damage the gains of the other existing masternodes.

  • HI Everybody,
    Today Aug.31, can you tell me if Buy Share (masternode) is Available? I tried to buy "Send" through my BRO Wallet, but I can't do it, appears a box saying: Insufficient Funds. Each masternode cost 2.5 and I have almost 3 in my wallet. So, ??? Can you help me? Thanks.

  • @jamilservicos what is earning money from my archive? I am trying to help the community! Do you think I'm a Russian spy? This is ridiculous for you to immediately think I'm gonna become a millionaire with my Bro Node instructions!

    Why don't you delete the messages if they are wrong and tell me.

    You communicate like a caveman. Thinking I'm here to harm everyone! You don't know how to socialize! Get out and talk to people. You are not very savvy and have few friends, I'm guessing. Thank you for the info, though. If you don't change your ways, you will always live in your parent's basement.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @kidwok
    If you really want to help, then do as others do and create a topic with your guidance, rather than posting download links, repetitively on several topics without request.
    The common practice of an orientation is to create a topic, and refer to this topic in other topics when asked or relevant.

    You are posting an external download link from a system that pays for the amount of download, in various topics, even without relation to the one proposed in your link. This is not guidance, and it certainly is not helping.

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