Cyrptopia blockchain issues

  • This messaged showed up on cryptopia and I wanted to know when it was going to get resolved. I finally was spreading the word about bro coin and the same day cryptopia just paused it. Why?

    BRO / BTC market is paused

    Investigating blockchain transaction issues

  • Having the same issue man and it's my first time trying to sell my BRO coins. I'm guessing this will be resolved shortly, but who knows?

  • Having the same man :(
    I hope solve this problem!

  • I was doing the same thing telling many people about BRO coin and right as more people were getting interested and buying was picking up this happens? Figures. @peppy I wish the devs/admins/anyone would be more active to make sure everything is running smoothly with this project cause I think it has a lot of potential. Update - Its back up and working. Someone must have seen your post :)

  • Looks like its working again on cryptopia.. @1ben99

  • Nice it's back up. It should be fine now :) that was really weird though

  • @peppy said in Cyrptopia blockchain issues:

    Nice it's back up. It should be fine now :) that was really weird though

    No it is not.
    Cryptopia has decided to delist BRO due to wallet incompatibility issues.
    Apparently no help from devs, have they abandoned the coin now?
    I have noticed in the past that devs are often too proud to have their coin listed because they think it won't be worth what they would like it to be. This dreamworld mentality gets them nowhere, just like using some exotic code that exchanges can't deal with.

    A coin that has no exchange or can not purchase anything is a dead coin, period.
    Cryptopia was a opportunity that they missed, big time.

    Such a shame, seemed like a good concept.

  • I have collected this coin and I sent it to Cryptopia when my coin has landed BRO / BTC market closed, will BRO coin be closed? :cartwheel_tone3:

  • Unfortunately it does not just depend on the Bitradio developers.
    I think cryptopia is reporting incompatibility because of the number of people and masternodes that still use the old version.

    Exchange's support is not a babysitter of anybody to be checking for repetitive problems due to version incompatibility. And as there is more than half of masternode numbers and of people still using the old version, the cryptopia chose to withdraw the coin. Maybe it's temporary, or maybe not ... but anyway ... anyone who still has "BRO" in the cryptopia, send an email to their support of cryptopia, requesting withdrawal.

  • @jamilservicos well... How many coins in Cryptoshit are already with wallet issues at the time? I think about 35%, but... There is a problem with BRO listing and delisting so quikly . Why??? BRO is not a SCAM coin who cryptoshit is able to fuck users. Wallet issues whith BRO are not a blockchain fork, so... Where is the hard problem?. Many of coins in cryptobitch have not a website, not a blockexplorer, many of them 100% premined, not developers, not NOTHING and are deffinitelly dead but, BRO is the cryptomotherfuckers problem because they are not able to thief you so easy with this coin.

  • @bertoa
    You should ask them and not me!
    Problems with "Exchanges" are solved through the "Exchanges" support. Here in the forum or telegram, we try to guide and help, but we have no Magic wands or crystal balls Magic.

    Bitradio Developers also can not solve external issues.
    Who will know the real reason?
    Remember that crytopia is an external service, developers of the bitradio can not solve problems of external services and or compels them to maintain relation with the coin.

    The truth is that there has always been a delay in the confirmation of deposits in the cryptopia system, so I believe that due to the volume of complaints, they simply resolved to give up including instead of trying to solve the problem.

    If you have complaints about withdrawal, then complain with the support of cryptopia.
    And who knows if a lot of people complain, they do not decide to back with the coin.

    There is no advantage in these multiple posts complaining or asking about cryptopia, if the only ones who can solve this are the support of cryptopia itself.

  • @kreks thanks for info

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