Cryptopya close the wallet of Bitradio ¿why?

  • Today, I enter in Cryptopia for watch the valeo of BRO and the market are loocked and have an anounced becouse whitdraw all the bros. What happen?

  • Due to wallet issues BRO will removed from cryptoshit.

  • @baurk
    There was a lot of problem with the wallet Bitradio which required the trade stop for 2 days. To this day Cryptopia definitely stops the trade of the BRO because it is too difficult to handle the problems. Cryptopia asks all owners to withdraw them before 24/09/2017. Now we have to find another platform for the trade. Someone has already done a post to introduce the BRO on the platform novaexchange. To do this, you have to go there and vote. We need 250 votes now we are at 140.
    Here's the link:

  • Nova closed free votes. Need to pay about 0.0017 BTC (7$) for each vote.

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