Bro is Addet to TradeSatoshi

  • Okay... now i see Bro is added to TradeSatoshi.
    Anyone know's this website ? Is it legit ?
    Please if its legit.... keep the prize high!
    Check here:

  • @smeegle Thanks for sharing this. I've never used this exchange but I'll check it out today. I'm only gonna send a couple bro coins to test it out and I'll share what happens. I personally don't plan on selling any BRO and if I do it will only be a small amount around $1 just to get my ROI.

  • Its have been already stucked ... I have sended first time 90 bro and after that i sent more 200 so i can play with the trade a little bit... now it seems you can't buy or sell either and my 200 bro's stay in the Unconfirmed stage in their website -.- Anyone have that issue as well ?

  • @smeegle Did you ever get your coins to show up? Not sure if its a wallet issue or the exchange is having problems to be honest. I decided to not send any to the exchange yet and will continue to stake it and earn more BRO until things get squared away with the wallets/exchanges.

  • @stacking9mm I had to contact the admin and he confirmed my 200 bro to the balance. Look's like bro wallet still have some issues with exchanger's... Also i am abble to trade the bro slowly because i think the exchanger does not have good trust...

    I want to ask one question the guys who sell their bro at a prize 4.500 Satoshi, WHY THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT ? ARE YOU FREAKING STUPID ? YOU ARE LISTENING ALL DAY RADIO TO EARN 0,10 BRO AND SELL IT FOR 10 cents ? thats stupid. Please everyone who sells his bro for 4,500 satoshis STOP! You are ruining the currency rate...

  • @smeegle there's no reason to call someone stupid only because he is selling his coins at a low price.. it's a free market, anyone can try to sell or buy at any price. Besides, if you believe this coin goes to the moon, maybe it's a good opportunity to buy.

  • @smeegle Thank you for the info. I'm glad we were put on an exchange but I'm really hoping we get on NOVA, POLO, and eventually back on cryptopia and Bittrex.. If the issues get resolved this coin could easily go over 1 dollar or more. In the meantime I'm just gonna sit on my coins and stake them in my wallet.

    I'm with you though not sure why people would sell right now. Looks like the price seems pretty steady though and there are people buying which is a good sign.
    Good Luck to all the BROs out there holding.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @smeegle Who are you to say what is the price of OUR COINS? Everyone is free to sell their goods as he pleases. You are not free to insult for that. Stay relaxed and learn to trade. Do you really believe that a newly born and so premined coin can be worth what we see in the ONLY EXCHANGE MARKET that ACCEPTS? . Over coins with years of history and major innovations? Friend ... BRO is a clone of NovaCoin ... without improvements or implementations in its code. I give them to me ... and I sell them how I feel like it. Not how you would like it.

  • Re: Bro is Addet to TradeSatoshi

    Lol... don't take it so personaly :D
    I just sayd that it's stupid to sell a coin for 0,17 cents and you are making one for 2-3 day's! LOL! I don't want to unsult anyone tho... its everyone's choice how to sell and trade his coins, and please don't tell me to learn how to trade i don't want to say that i am very good trader but i've got some skills! : )

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