recaptcha issue?

  • Listening to broradio after 1hr gives me captcha and I have solve at least 15 per hr and it came to a point that I just refresh every other hour to solve this issue. My stream minutes haven't change after 4 hours of listening to music so I'm wondering if that factor out my earning?

  • The more abuses on the site, the greater the restriction to avoid them.
    Many people are in bad faith with the system, so the defenses are likely to increase.

    People use the means to increase their income, and they sell the coin ever cheaper in the exchanges. This harms everyone and the currency's own ecosystem.

  • Earn 100 GH / S free

  • I think captchas shouldn't come more often then once per 2 hours....

  • still having captcha issue and listening time haven't increase but the payout increase incrementally after listening for 8 hours.

  • i listen today from 8am pst till now and still no change in time stream or payout? is there a bug or is it just me.

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