Masternode Shares - Payout August

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    Hello Community,

    i have done the payouts for all Masternodes Shares today.
    You will see the payouts on the transaction website and also in your balance.

    We will add more nodes this Weekend.
    I also ordered 30 VPS for 30 more Masternodes. They will get added in September.

    Have a nice Day.


  • 60 Masternodes = less payments per hour?

  • @admin Thanks for everything you do , but I am having a problem with my wallet staying enable. when reinstall its active for few minutes then it turns to disable. Its been acting like this since Sept 28 2017. I know your busy so when every you get time could you please look at my Wallet when I go in to my Masternode details it still say the old wallet although I updated it also I do believe my Masternode earnings are incorrect please take a look at that when you get time

    Thanks , Kc8054

  • hi,why maternode #33 dont have any information? its not running? pls set up the masternode :)

  • How to add masternood to a trumpet

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