• what is stake and how can i activate stakeing. I am new I dont know what it is. My account says 0 stacke i have. please help

  • @sandeepkumar666

    Hi there, if you have Coins in your Wallet and leave it open staking come by it self...

    Please have a look at this Article:

    If you had a stake, the new generated and the 'matured' Coins these where generated from, are treated as 'new' Coins.

    This reduces the weight of the Wallet and the staking process restarts.

    Hope this clears things up.

    best regrads, Azu


  • Hello can i ask how much Bro do you need to have in order to stake? I have about 4.7 bro in my bitradio wallet but it isn't staking anything. I don't see the amount increasing by one bit and almost an hour from when I received it has passed/

  • @nickpap

    Staking need Time!

    The Coins you've got in your Wallet need 40 Confirms + 8 Hours to get the state 'matured'. After that they Start to Stake.

    Please leave Wallet open and check back in a Day or two!


  • Download the wallet, deposit BRO coins into your wallet, Lock your wallet with a password, Restart wallet, Unlock your wallet, but make sure it says unlocked for staking only, then you just keep your wallet online and wait, it may take a very long time to stake coins, depending on how many bro coins you have. More coins = faster staking

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