Wallet doesn´t work [error loading block data base]

  • Hi after the radio went out of air and comeback i can´t open my wallet it says that there is a error loading the data base.
    Hola,despues que la pagina cayera y regresara no puedo abrir mi wallet,me manda este error[error loading block data base]

  • @GabbyLaTa
    First the website has no connection with your local wallet!
    No connection!
    Local wallets are independent of what happens on the website!

    second, since your database is local and you are having problems reading it, a local problem is probably the rason.
    bad sector in HD, sudden shutdown of computer, etc ...

    ATENTION: All the steps below, need to be executed with the wallet closed.

    you can try repairing by running the wallet with "-rescan" and / or "-reindex".
    if the problem not solved, then you will have to resync of zero:

    delete, move or rename it:
    folders: txleveldb and database
    files: peers.dat, blk0001.dat, db.log, debug.log, mncache.dat, .lock

    Make a backup of the file "wallet.dat" on other folder for your security, and DO NOT DELETE NEVER THE WALLET.DAT!.

    If you have need make the resync of zero, after "deleting, moving or renewing" the mentioned directories and files.
    when you run application again, it will recreate them and sync back to the network from scratch by creating a new local database.

    it may take a while, so be patient until the process is completed. When complete, save a copy of the folder "Bitradio" elsewhere to avoid having to redo from scratch again in the future.

  • Sudah beberapa minggu saya bergabung di Bitradio tapi dompet saya belum bisa bekerja, ada yang bisa bantu saya,,,

  • @jamilservicos Thank you! you were right it was a problem with my CMOS battery

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