can you help me?

  • hello! i restored my windows 10 to fix corrupted files but i kept all personal files including my bitradio wallet,so when everything was re-installed i opened the wallet and start to sync all over again and the wallet gave a new address which is different from the one i use on the question is: is there a way to recover my BRO's by using that address and puting it in the wallet or a lost them? thank you.

  • @Eu-mesmo
    check if there is a version of your old wallet to restore
    press WinKey+R run this: %APPDATA%\Bitradio\backups
    If you dont have a backup of your wallet, any balance on old wallet it will be lost.

    if you created a new user profile, then check the corresponding folder in the old profile folder, something like ("OldYourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\Bitradio")

    you can also search on google about recovery filest of "HD" formattated. or find a specialized file recovery technician.

  • @jamilservicos
    all right man,thx for reply. i'll try this :thumbsup:

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