Status: Conflicted for Mined BRO. What's wrong and how to fix it?

  • Hello everybody,
    what means conflicted transaction status for MINED bro?
    What is wrong and how should I fix this in my wallet?
    Thank you
    For example I have from time to time transactions like this:
    Status: conflicted, broadcast through 18 node(s)
    Date: 07.09.2017 04:55
    Source: Generated
    Debit: 0.00 BRO
    To: BdgDbovZ5LyBZVM4HRXnemfgKRup6ZYro9
    Debit: -0.50125 BRO
    Net amount: -104.39850469 BRO
    Transaction ID: 237fed230507f2e8c2e0c707be64ee4a2c71adbd1653b724e9e2564f763e81eb-000
    0_1504759398450_mined conflicted.jpg

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