Admin?help please

  • When I try to withdraw Bro I get this
    What it means and how I can solve this problem?help please
    Thanks in advance

  • @andyd
    Hi, I'm not admin, but I'll try to help you.
    I can not see the screen copy on the link you sent. But I think your wallet is locked. It's normal.

    • You have to unlock your wallet.
    • Open the settings menu.
    • Click on Unlock.
    • Uncheck the "For staking only" box.
    • Follow instructions to send or withdraw

  • Thank you for your answer but when I try to unlock my wallet I get ...This operation needs your wallet passphrase to unlock the wallet...
    Where I can find wallet passphrase?

  • @andyd
    The password was created by you or another person who uses the computer, there is no way to recover the password. If you lost your password, you simply lost your wallet!

  • @jamilservicos it the same passphrase that I use to login ?

  • @andyd
    Does it work now?

  • @andyd
    The site has no connection, I repeat: no connection, with your local wallet!
    The only one who can know the password is the person that created!

    If your wallet is encrypted, and you forget the password, you will not be able to recover the password.
    So make sure first that it really is encrypted!
    Since your image is in another language, I can not understand what it is saying.

    As soon as you open your wallet, on "Dashboard", it appears in the lower right bar has a "padlock", if it is open it is because the wallet is decrypted, if it is closed it is because it is encrypted.

    If it is closed then you have created a password and repeated the same password to confirm.
    If it is open, you have not yet created a password.

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