I am the administrator of one of the groups in the telegram.
    Recently, I receive a lot of reports about the understatement of the charging of the BRO for listening to the radio.
    Here is one of the messages:
    "Good afternoon, I listen to the radio for 15 hours a day. Recently, I have had two problems about which I want to share with you.
    The first problem is associated with a 70% reduction in BRO per hour.
    It happened suddenly one day. I do not think that this increase in traffic is 700% at a time.
    The second problem is that instead of 15 hours of charging, the system sends to the wallet at best half.
    I ask you to contact the administrator of the project and give a comment on these problems.
    Thank you."

    I ask the project administration to give comments on these problems and project partners to participate in the discussion with their suggestions and comments.
    Thank you all!)

  • I'm confirming too that such problem exist. Hope that Administrator will give us an answer and will fix it.

  • @Batus
    I confirm that too. It is not the top but today it is no longer worth it.
    I will probably resell all my BROs and stop the POS.

  • unfortunately. :(

  • it's not worth it anymore. I listened for more than 10 hours a day. 70% less. For me, I can not go on and get a crumb, I prefer to listen directly to the radio website. Goodbye Bitradio.

  • I hope the developers / admins look into this as it will not put a good taste in the project moving forward, hope they will re-look this and get it back.. 70% Less coins is terrible.

  • Yep! I'm in shock!

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