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    Hello guys,

    sorry for being not a lot online in our groups. I will change this soon. I guarantee. I have some updates for you.

    1. Cryptopia Delisting:
      We were in talks with Cryptopia because we and you all like the exchange a lot. The Devs from Cryptopia checked our changes in the code and there are still some compatibility problems.
      We don't know what these problems are. I asked them. We will fixe it. But they don't want to list the BRO anymore. There were a lot of support tickets for BRO and they do not want to list us.

    I am still in talks with them. Hope the Devs will check it again and confirm that there are no issues anymore.

    The fact:
    Our Core is Neoscoin and Neos is listed also on Poloniex. I talked with the Dev of the coin. There are no problems anymore. Everything is also working on Tradetoshi and Novaexchange.
    I think BRO will get delisted on Cryptopia. This is very sad because we had over 400 Refs after the listing of the coin on Cryptopia. But we will see.

    1. ICO 1 und ICO 2
      All users have their Coins now. Some users had no payout address set. I was not able to withdraw the funds.
      I updated the Excel Sheet. You can download it here.

    1. Confirming new Radio stations:
      All Users are now able to check stations and receive activity Points. Please watch this Video. I explain how to do it on the Video. Would be great if some users join it.

    unconfirmed Chrome: 15677
    unconfirmed Firefox: 13714
    unconfirmed IE: 23322
    unconfirmed Safari: 23101

    1. New Video Series in German
      I will create some Videos showing all functions on
      Join our Youtube Channel. First in German. After I have done this I will create some in English too.

    2. Server Problems:
      We fixed the problems and will move to another Server this month.

    3. Next ICO Round will start next Sunday and will be available for 14 Days.

    4. Forum Moderators (we need more users helping us)
      Are there some users want to join our Team in the Forum. We need you to help new users having questions joining the forum. If you want to be a part of our website. Let us know.

    Have a great Week.


  • I've been buying BRO on TradeSatoshi. How do I buy them in this next phase?
    Also do you plan on trying to get listed on other exchanges? Yobit, HitBTC? Anywhere else? Nova is not currently letting new registrations sign up so that will stifle trading. I want to see this platform grow, it has a lot of potential.
    Thanks. LDNSTX

  • I Agree, check out the Exchange YObit.. can you see if you can get BRO on there? -

  • hi
    there are also bleutrade and c-cex?
    it's little sites but legit

  • Long live Bitrad😂

  • Why the payouts have dropped that much?
    It is always in the 0.01 region and some times even below that....
    And by the way it is impossible to sign up in Novaexchange...
    So that leaves us with Trasesatoshi only.

  • Dear @admin can you help me with this issue ???

  • @Bitiofor Novaexchange Sign Up's are closed for maybe one more week. Apperently they have allot of attacks trying to put down their website or steal members privacy. Please be pationt, soon it will be available for new sign up's!

  • Thanks for everything you do @admin, shame for cryptopia !! I hope that the problem will be solved quickly, and that they will not delisting

    I take this opportunity to apply to be a moderator to help the French community

    Have a good day and good continuation

  • @anselal

    It might be a synch problem.
    I see that you have unconfirmed balance.
    Try restarting the synch of the wallet from the beginning.
    When mine couldnt synch, i follwed the instructions of azu
    found on the following link :

    It is gonna take some time, but it may resolve your problems. Good luck.

  • @admin
    Hello Administrator
    I am about to sell all my Bros and stop the POS with my 4 friends. It is becoming less and less interesting following an increasing number of participants and also masternodes.
    But as I see things moving, I will be part of the team for helping all the users of Bitradio.


  • @admin Hello BRO admin. I haven't seen an update regarding an updated mac wallet for BRO coin. I've been running the same wallet since cryptopia and never received a response whether there are any issues with using the Un-Updated Mac wallet or if there will be an easy issues because of it. Please let me know thank you.

  • @howareyou We will highly apriciate your help. Things will start move for a better soon, you don't have to worrie! Just continue your earnings!

  • @Bitiofor It is not a sync problem. I had unconfirmed balance because there was a new incoming transaction from Even with a synced wallet the balance does is not the same. I tried to remove the withdraw address from my profile with no success. I asked one admin to remove it by hand and he refused. In general there is no feedback nor support from the admins/devs for this crypto currency

  • @Bo
    Sorry i can not reply to you live. Because I think When it is day at my home it is night at your home

  • @admin How can I become a moderator?

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    @ron992, ты писал лично Уве?

  • @Ulric Кто есть уве? Если Желтый админ то да :)

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    @ron992, Это его ник на форуме: @ADMIN, а это @DerUwe79 его ник в Телеграм!

  • @Ulric и не только в телеграмм :)

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