Does Bitradio solve a problem? What is the future of the BRO?

  • The POS for the Bro and the benefits are getting harder and harder. Before it is not really profitable but it is fun and exciting and today my colleagues and I no longer find it amusing because it is actually taking our time. We will probably sell our Bro and stop the POS. It's a shame but there will more Bro for to share with the community.
    We have not really decided yet. It dépends of future days.
    I take this opportunity to talk to you about other things.
    If you no longer support your bank because :

    • It withdraw fees from you for some simple operations that only requires typing a few instructions on a computer.
    • For having answer at phone for a simply question it asks you to come to the bank because it canot give informations by phone while we are in the era of computing.
    • It doesnot or never almost respond to the mail. When you want speak to a responsable it sends you from one office to another office et make you lost your time
    • It uses outdated tools for working
    • Centralize Your Money
    • It does not want to give you all your money rfrom your account while it's your money.
    • When it goes bankrupt for bad management and for bad investments or speculation dangerous on the financial centers, the governement refunds the bank by the taxes that we paid.
      -It Is not able to repay you when it goes bankrupt.
    • It has the right to use your money in the event of bankruptcy with the complicity of governements (voting laws). the governement allows the bank to stole you.
      -It uses your money without your permission to self finance or for its invest.
      -It applies high rates for loans.
    • It applie you huge commissions for late payment and considers you as a small customer while you always had honored you refunds.
    • I can still aduce you other types of profits that banks make on your back. Sure all the banks do'nt have all inconvenients of the world mais they have the same aims. It is the profit while its must promote the economy of a contry.
      I made the decision to move. I have already sent my salary to a ebank (there are also disadvantages) and I am waiting for the future banks using the Blokchain.
      It is true that there is always a centralized organization but there are many other advantages that the traditional bank does not have.
      if you are interested you can always go look around :">LakeBanker Token Sale</a

    Another link :

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