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    Hello everyone,

    we are still in contact with Cryptopia because of the delisting.
    They activated the wallet today to make withdraws available again. You can withdraw your BRO now. They also pushed the delisting process back by a month to give you more time to withdraw your coins.

    We also talked about the issues that cause the delisting. I still hope we don´t get delisted. If we don´t want to get delisted we have to do a few things. Later more.

    The issues:

    1. We had a bug on the code of the coin. A small one but with big effects. Transactions were slow and they received a lot of support tickets. -> We fixed the Bug and this should not be a problem any more.
    2. The biggest problem: In the 40 days Cryptopia have had BRO listed, they have received over 114,000 deposits. 98.7% of these deposits are below 0.2 BRO, many of them way lower.
      BRO is in the top 10 for number of deposits on Cryptopia. Many of the other coins in the top 10 are extremely popular coins that have been on Cryptopia for years, like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.
      Large withdraws require hundreds of inputs, creating massive transactions. Here is an example of such a transaction:

    In shot: Not a lot of trading and a lot of work for Cryptopia, because some users saved the Cryptopia Wallet (PUB Key) for the payouts. I understand why they want to delist BRO.
    I would also do it if tcryptopia was my website. It is simply not worth it. BUT i think we as a community can fix this.

    How can we fix that:

    1. Please do not save a wallet Address from an exchange. This will cause the same problems for other exchanges (Nova f.e.)
    2. We will add a text to our profile website: Do not save any deposit address from an exchange or your coins will be lost.
    3. Cryptopia (if they decide to keep us listed) will set a minimum deposit amount of f.e. 1 BRO or more
    4. We set the minimum payout balance on the Website to a higher amount f.e. 0,1 BRO. This has a lot of benefits.
    • We dont spam the Blockchain.
    • The payout process will be less prone to errors.
    • We maybe stay listed on Cryptopia. I have a good feeling if we realize these changes.
    • lower server load
    • and much more

    To test this improvements and to try to stay listed on cryptopia we will make these changes today. I hope you understand why we have to do this. Please leave a comment. What are you guy thinking about this?

    Have a nice Day.

  • @admin Thank You for the updates.

    So it sounds like some people ruined it for all of us by choosing to use the exchange wallets as their mining/staking/payout addresses when they could have easily used the official Bro wallet like anyone with common sense would. I mean WTF.. It makes much more sense just using the official BRO wallet anyways and why wouldn't they just wanna wait until they accumulated at least a few hundred BRO and stake in the actual wallet? smh.. I mean really? How cheap can a person be just wait a few weeks at least LOL.

    So anyone reading this who's transferring just a few BRO coins to an exchange Please STOP and wait until you accumulate more and Please STOP using the exchanges addresses. BRO has an excellent project that we can all benefit from. You get free coins for listening to free music and can stake in the wallet! In other words, don't ruin it for yourself or everyone else by making silly decisions.

    On a positive note I thought I had an issue with my Mac wallet but I fixed it and I've had no issues with my BRO wallet since and have been getting excellent stake payouts and will continue supporting BRO. If anything I'll send a few hundred coins at a time if I decide to send to any exchange for trading. Its good to see these issues being worked on I'll keep my fingers crossed cryptopia will relist BRO. Thanks again Admins.

  • These changes are necessary!

    So, maybe we need page "NEWS" on bitradio main website?a lot of users are not read forum, telegram and twitter...

  • Hello DEV!
    Undoubtedly, all these changes will make improvements. Cryptopia is a worthy exchange and it can not be lost! DEV,

    I will say the following: you need to be more transparent, open to dialogue ... Many problems from lack of

    understanding, misunderstanding. You need the "NEWS" page on the website, do not be silent, talk to the people


  • Hello!
    It is possible to make it easier, Cryptopia transmits the addresses open from them, you block the output to them on the site. Let everyone pass the BRO through their personal wallet, and let the minimum deposit amount also be put.
    P.S. =)

  • Я все еще не получил Bro
    Привет, я купил BRO для 0.02628021 btc, но в моих транзакциях Crowdsale ничего не видно.
    ID пользователя: 72strateg Код
    транзакции: 82109da0b8efaa0ef2acea4fe77b5e98862ab9d6e17de893a349b326e4644ab8
    Адрес кошелька: BoWGNxqK5fPNY2GPNYHG4M4Wpv1UxBjE6U

  • Can you vote bittrex?

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    @Strateg, напиши мне в телеграм, нужно поговорить о твоей проблеме.

  • said in Cryptopia delisting:


    Cryptopia returned with BRO. Is this permanent? Any news?


  • @hackdorte yes, cryptopia is back.

  • @Bo thank you.

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