TradeSatoshi - BroWallet on Maintanance

  • Look's like TradeSatoshi is making some wallet maintanance on the Bro!
    At this point we cannot Withdraw or Deposit our coins from there!
    Be aware and during this Maintanance do not send any coins for deposit as they can be lost!
    I will update you when it's available for deposit's and withdraw's again!

  • some users make mining to deposit wallets. that`s why there are problems

  • @ShuraF Yes, and it has been already written at the Website of BitRad to not use any Exchanger wallet adress for payouts. So... please people, just don't! :D

  • *Update!

    • So apperently there's some movement from TradeSatoshi! They have Tweeted that the BroCoin is online on their website but it's not! Guys, don't send any coin's to tradesatoshi yet so you may never receive them in there.
    • I'm trying to contact the support on the Exchanger to check what's going on and i will update you.

  • my account is locked

  • *Update.

    • I'm afraid to announce you that this Exchanger is Fraud / Scam.

    • Tested by myself the Administrator don't want to answer on my Ticked and don't want to communicate with me, it's a shame to rob money from your client's and the biggest shame is steal money like 0.008BTC for such low money to loose trust over your client's it's a shame.

    • So you are all warned! Do not send your coins to "TradeSatoshi" you can loose them there easy.

    • Regards: Bo.

  • You can't say that tradesatoshi is scam just because the Administrator did not answer to you.
    It is still possible to convert bro to another altcoin and withdraw the coins from there.
    It is evident for me that the problem with cryptopia and now with tradesatoshi is because lot's of people mining bro directly to the exchanger wallets. You should fix this. Not just writing a warning message. Because the same problem will be with another exchange.

  • @bruges I don't talk about Brocoin. I talk about BTC and since it's happening with BTC imagine with alt coins.

    Check this out:

    Also it is your decission to use it. I did this topic to warn you, that sooner or later it will rob you.
    Regards: Bo.

  • Okay, i have to lift my accusation over TradeSatoshi beacause after 5 day's of waiting they finally processed my payment. Still i want to tell you to use this exchanger with a big cautiosness! 5 day's waiting for payment's does not give good experience to any client's we are using the crypto for fast payment's after all, not to wait day's / weeks to be processed. Use tradesatoshi with cautious and be aware of it, there few more accusation's in the internet so far.

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