Don´t use a wallet address from an exchange. You will loose all your coins.

  • Hello.
    I got this warning in my profile today :
    Don´t use a wallet address from an exchange. You will loose all your coins.
    What exactly does it mean?

  • It mean's that you must not use Adress from an Exchange website like Tradesatoshi or Novaexchange. Some people put thei Withdraw wallet adress in their BitRad website and they are spammimng the Exchanger's with their transactions as amount's ...
    This is one of the reason that Cryptopia is delisting us as well.
    Please people don't put Wallet Adress from exchanger!

  • I got what you mean.
    I am using the wallet normally., so all transactions go to bitradio wallet.

    So because of some "smarties" not to use other words, which would have been
    appropriate also, we lost Cryptopia from what it seems, and we may loose
    the other wallets as well...

    Cant you find them and start banning?
    Or somehow bind bitradio wallets with the webpage, so the payments go to addresses generated, from the bitrad wallet only?

  • @Bitiofor Not only because of that, but theres easy solution on that problem. Soon it will be putted minimum deposit on the exchangers.

  • Ok, I'm using tradesatoshi address to withdraw the coins.
    But I have an old laptop with linux system on it and I can't install bro wallet there.
    Give another options to such users(online wallet, deposit coins on the site instead of sending them automatically to the address), do not just ban them.

  • @Bo

    Okay so we can't use an address from Tradetoshi or Novaexchange....great! I run Linux and am not a techie, I can't figure out any of the jibberish on Github. I don't currently have a Bitradio wallet/address. I recently deposited my balance from Cryptopia into the Masternode here, hopefully purchasing a Node. Please advise. There must be an easy way to obtain an address/wallet. I currently use Exodus as my main wallet and would like to stay with that. Thanks

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