A quick checkup or outline of structure would be a great help!

  • Hopeful for someone to either confirm that I've taken the appropriate steps, or point me in right path.

    I...downloaded wallet.
    I...can see BRO adding to my profile.
    !...have no idea how to access my wallet to make use of the BRO I've accumulated.
    Without MasterNode share to save up for, exchanging for now, seems like the better option.
    I'd like to insure I've done everything right up til now.
    Paper Wallet address is the adddress listed for my account.
    I put the horse before the cart and started promoting, so I want to really make sure I'm on the path to success.
    Any help is greatly appreciated from admin, mods, or otherwise. I can see potential here.

  • Update: Everything appears to be in working order.

  • Looking to work with you and your team and help to build this project, as I can see it's value and potential. I am not seeing any way to purchase Masternode's(which I'm very interested in). I would also consider starting/adding a radio station, and i operate several advertising sites. I would like any help you can offer(as far as acquiring Masternodes or the best route to working with you), and appreciate the reply. Thanks again.

  • @admin - Sorry. I just saw this and am looking forward to my first Masternode purchase! From admin: You can buy MasterNode shares from the website once you open up the Menu then you must go at > Masternodes > Buy Shares. If there's no Shares for buying at this point, you must wait someone to sell his shares so you can be available to purchase. At this point there's no free share's so you can't buy.
    The other way is to buy 2,500 Bro and setup your own masternode on your wallet / pc wich must be with static ip adress and must be online 24/7.

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