• Can someone please explain exactly (in clear English please using full sentences) how to buy shares and how to buy a node? I cannot find this information anywhere. Yesterday I deposited my BRO balance from cryptopia to the wallet address indicated here to buy a node and now it is just sitting under the transaction tab.

    ADMIN - A user guide would really be a good idea!!


  • @SW2017 Hello. You can buy MasterNode shares from the website once you open up the Menu then you must go at > Masternodes > Buy Shares. If there's no Shares for buying at this point, you must wait someone to sell his shares so you can be available to purchase. At this point there's no free share's so you can't buy.
    The other way is to buy 2,500 Bro and setup your own masternode on your wallet / pc wich must be with static ip adress and must be online 24/7.

  • @Bo Thank you.... Yes, I did click on the Buy Share tab without success so I will consider the other option or wait until a seller surfaces. Thanks again for the reply!

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