Masternode shares

  • Hi, I have deposited 2.5 BRO for masternode shares as per instructions on the site. Now they are sitting in my "masternode balance" but I still have zero shares. There are no further instructions. Does anyone know what to do next? Thank you.

  • You have to go at Website>Menu>Masternode>Buy Shares.
    If there's available share's for buying you can buy a share, if there's no available you can't.
    You can refresh the page waiting for someone to sell his share's and to take the moment to buy for yourself but there's very low chance this to happens. Other way is to buy 2,500 brocoins and setup your own masternode.


  • @Bo Ah got it, thank you! I just bought one!

  • @Bo how can i deposit brocoin using paper wallet?

  • @Bo I have the same problem, in the transaction history masternode remain empty, is it normal??
    and when anyone sells masternode can directly buy even if transcoded masternode does not exist?

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