Missing BRO

  • I have BRO that adds up from listening, but when it resets to 0 balance on my profile page, it doesn't show on the payouts list. I've now lost 2 payouts as a result.

  • me as well. says i should have over 6 bro total yet im only showing .02 ...any idea? and mt wallet is majorly weeks behind as well. 9 at the moment. i got it down to 2 weeks off and then saw the admin post to download the ico file and delete stuff and run wallet and it jiust screwed my stuff up again ...halp?

  • When your wallet is Sync with the blockchain all of you bro will show up!

  • My wallet has been in sync for a few months now. This just started happening yesterday. The website didn't pay out when my profile balance reset to 0 like it normally does. Seriously considering cashing out my BRO and leaving for good. Way too many major bugs.

  • @Bo its an issue with the website not making payouts. It resets the balance counter to 0 BRO, but there is no payout shown on the history list. Further, the amount of the supposed payout is added to the total earned. But, it never makes it to my fully synced wallet.

  • administrators

    If this happens 27.09.2017, and now everything is okay ,maybe there was a glitch on the site and it was to all users , I have already written to dev about this, he said will check. If that continue, write your account ID, I'll write to dev check your accaunt.

  • I'm missing almost a whole coin, site says more than I have in my wallet, user is dgolden11

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