• Can someone help me? How do you receive a BRO currency? I put the address of the wallet no website and I get a next message 'DO NOT use a wallet address of an exchange. You will lose all your coins. Help me please.

  • @maikeeric Yes this means to not use wallet adresses of Tradesatoshi,Novaexchange or either Cryptopia since your payout's will never reach them. Use only adress of BitRad wallet for payout's.

  • @maikeeric you need to download the Wallet from the homepage of ie windows, Lynx etc - the one that is relevant for your machine - it will take a while to download as it will need to sync with the blockchain - this is the wallet you need to use - when you have downloaded it go to recieve and you will be able to get your Bitrad.iio receive address for your coins.

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